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You can support EGG by purchasing t-shirts, posters, mugs and other items in our Redbubble shop. Buy a shirt with our logo and wear it to the next gameday. Be the envy of all your gaming friends while you drink out of a new Eugene Games Gala coffee mug. Keep track of the next Gala on your EGG calendar. Money earned will go towards new games, venue and refreshments at EGG events. TEST 2 PDF

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You can support EGG all year long by becoming a patron on There are different levels of support for those with large wallets to those with wallets that have been battered by the new Hotness (we understand). If you do find some extra coin under your couch cushions from time to time, consider donating it to EGG. We will put it to good use buying games for our lending library and keeping a roof over our heads at the Holiday Inn Convention Center. Those bagels aren't free either!

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These are our awesome sponsors. Do you want to sponsor EGG?
Fungain Games has been an EGG sponsor for several years now. They supply games and prizes, as well as a venue to get together all year long.
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Formula Design built this website and maintains it for EGG. They love games and wanted to support the gaming community by providing an online presence for the best gaming convention in Oregon!
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Become a sponsor of the Eugene Games Gala and get your name on this site and other EGG marketing materials. It's never a bad thing to have more advertising, and the gaming community will adore you. Really!

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